How to Stop Online Gambling

how to stop online gambling

Many people experience short-term success stopping gambling, only to return later due to not addressing its root causes. Most gamblers are triggered by pain; however, other triggers could include feelings, thoughts or memories as well as external factors such as commercials, hearing someone say something or even smells – it is therefore essential that you identify these triggers so as to prevent gambling urges from taking over and avoid going back into an old habit.

As part of your efforts to quit gambling, it’s crucial that you seek support from friends and family. Reach out when needed for assistance; encourage loved ones to do the same; this can help hold yourself accountable while reducing isolation that often accompanies compulsive gambling habits. If your social circle cannot offer this help, joining a cessation program or seeking professional guidance might provide alternative means of support.

If necessary, draft a change plan that includes steps you will take to steer clear of gambling and strategies you will employ when experiencing an urge. Sharing it with family and friends will provide extra support while serving as reminders of your goals.

One effective strategy for stopping gambling is making it more difficult to access casinos or betting sites, such as by blocking them with apps such as Gamban. You can do this by removing them from your browser or smartphone browser list and/or blocking them using blocking apps such as Gamban.

Skipping high-risk situations is also beneficial when trying to stop gambling, such as taking an alternative route home from work or avoiding specific people or places that trigger your habit. You could also engage in non-gambling activities, like watching a movie or practicing mindfulness exercises like deep breathing.

However, people with gambling problems can experience a dramatic reduction in self-esteem when they realize the extent of their addiction, often leading to depression and co-occurring conditions like anxiety. Therefore, any talk of suicide should be taken seriously and medical assistance sought immediately.

Gambling can be highly addictive and lead to numerous issues in people’s lives. If you’re concerned about someone you know or someone close, reach out and discover how we can assist. Our services include addiction counselling, education/training courses and behavioral interventions aimed at helping those struggling with their gambling issues overcome them and live free from harmful substances including gambling – we work closely with each client on tailor-made plans designed to reach goals while improving quality of life – call or click now for more details about our programs!

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